Stylist. Apple, Rice Productions.
Stylist. Wink TV, Kaboom Productions.
Stylist. Coca-Cola, Industrial Light & Magic.
Stylist. Berger Fund, Industrial Light & Magic.
Stylist. Safeway, Red Sky Films.
Stylist. Lyon's Restaurants, Red Sky Films.
Stylist. Corningware, 1675 Productions.
Stylist. Farmers Insurance, Red Sky Films.
Stylist. Pepsi, Industrial Light & Magic.
Stylist. Montgomery Ward, Nonfiction Spots.


Wardrobe Supervisor. "Traffic" Fox TV Pilot. Tom McKinley, Costume Designer. Mick Jackson, Director.

Wardrobe Supervisor. "More Tales of the City" Denis Sperdouklis, Costume Designer. Pierre Gang, Director.

Costume Designer. "Bach: A Life Worth Living" PBS Special. Peter Homer, Director.

Costume Designer. "America's Most Wanted " Dave Bolton, Director.

Costume Designer. "MTV's Rock the Rock" Joe Perota, Director.

Costumer. "First Year" Studio USA Pilot. Rudy Dillon, Costume Designer. Ken Topolsky, Tucker Gates and Scott Winant, Directors.

Costumer. "Soul Mates" Glenhill Productions Pilot. Enid Harris, Costume Designer. Peter Werner, Director.

Costumer. "The Center" Viacom Pilot. Hilary Wright, Costume Designer. Richard Colla, Director.

Costumer. "Golden Gate" Warner TV Pilot. Darryl Levine, Costume Designer, Randy Zisk, Director.


Wardrobe Supervisor. "Woman on Top" Elizabeth Tavernier, Costume Designer. Fina Torres, Director.

Wardrobe Supervisor. "Being Human" Sandy Powell, Costume Designer. William Forsyth, Director.

Costume Designer. "Farmer and Chase" Michael Seitzman, Director.

Costume Designer. "The Hanged Man" Tom Claburn, Director.

Costume Designer. "Cakewalk" George Merriweather, Director.

Assistant Costume Designer. "So I Married an Axe Murderer" Kim Tillman, Costume Designer. Thomas Schlamme, Director.

Shopper. "High Crimes" Sharen Davis, Costume Designer, Carl Franklin, Director.

Shopper. "Sweet November" Shay Cunliffe, Costume Designer. Pat O'Connor, Director.

Shopper. "George of the Jungle" Lisa Jensen, Costume Designer. Sam Weisman, Director.

Design Assistant. "Interview with the Vampire" Sandy Powell, Costume Designer. Neil Jordan, Director.

Set Costumer. "Scream" Cynthia Bergstrom, Costume Designer. Wes Cravin, Director.

Costumer. "Patch Adams" Judy Ruskin, Costume Designer. Tom Shadyac, Director.

Costumer. "What Dreams May Come" Yvonne Blake, Costume Designer. Vincent Ward, Director.

Costumer. "Dead Man on Campus" Kathleen Detoro, Costume Designer. Alan Cohn, Director.

Costumer. "Jade" Marilyn Vance, Costume Designer. William Friedkin, Director.

Costumer. "Copycat" Claudia Brown, Costume Designer. John Amiel, Director.

Costumer. "Golden Gate" Ingrid Ferren, Costume Designer. John Madden, Director.

Costumer. "Stab at Stardom" Callie Floor, Costume Designer. Rob Kellet, Director.


Costume Designer. "Common Scents" Ninth House Network.

Costume Designer. "All Work, All Play" Ninth House Network.

Costume Designer. "Golden Gate" 3DO.

Stylist. Santana Bros., "Luz Amor Y Vida" Peter Nydrle Productions.

Stylist. P.M. Dawn, "Norwegian Wood" Riviera Films.


MA, Univ. of Delaware. Research Emphasis: Historical Costumes and Textiles, Ecclesiastical Embroideries.

The Textile Museum, Wash., D.C. Asst Registrar.

National Gallery of Art, Wash., D.C. Essayist. Research Topic: Medieval Sartorial Imagery as a Means of Attribution.

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